Why Do I need a Website? Really…

Let’s talk in a very simple terms that doesn’t include any technical details. There are many sources of acquiring publicity. We have business cards, LinkedIn, Facebook, e.t.c. These are all sources to promote what you choose to. Then why do I need a website? The truth of the matter is nowadays consumers rely on the website of the business more than their own office location or the product.

It does not matter how good your product is, if you don’t have a reliable website, consumers will be hesitant to invest in it. There have been multiple instances where a product/service was hot in the current of market, but because the website of the business was not able to deliver satisfactory visual features, it wasn’t able to sustain growth.

Having a Facebook page is definitely a great way to promote your product/service, but eventually consumers expect your Facebook page to direct them to your business website, where they can situate enough trust to purchase whatever you have to offer.

Same concept goes for business cards. Customers want more than just a business card with your name and number. Let’s face it; we are in the 21st century where our customers are very smart and skeptical. They also take safe measures before they approach anyone with questions or demands. Upon receiving a business card, apart from the name and contact information, they are looking to do their own necessary research. And what better way for them to find that out than your own personal website that is customized by you explaining the benefits of your service and product.

Bottom line is, we live in a century where the consumer markets wants to learn about what you have to offer, believe in it, find the source reliable, and then only invest. Either they can go do their own research and end up at your competitor’s door, or you can control that by having your own small business visually reliable website that will gain your customer’s trust.

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