Trucking 3PL Services Website

Interactive Rate Quote Map

Modern interactive way for shippers to receive an estimate on their freight by clicking on various areas of the map

Shippers & Carriers Section

Information architecture for 2 main customer segments, the shippers & carriers

Visitor Analytics

Company manager can track visitors coming to the website, run reports, and make more educated business decisions


Project Overview

Located in the heart of Downtown Indianapolis, Colt Trans strives to be the industry model of a “Customer Service Driven 3PL”. The company was in need of professional logistics website that would enhance it’s online brand image, bring in new leads, and allow management to edit the pages with ease.

Project Features

  • Animated Banner
  • Interactive Map with Price Quote
  • Image Galleries
  • Custom Rate Estimate Forms
  • Contact Forms
  • Graphic Design
  • Search Engine Optimization

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Construction Web Design

Ecommerce Web Design
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