Non Profit Web Design

Sunrise Second Chance Foundation is a non profit
organization dedicated to ending
the opioid crisis.

non profit website design

Finding Volunteers

One of the main purposes of this non profit web design project is attracting volunteers to help the it grow and operate. For that reason, we created easily-accessible call to action forms and buttons in various areas of the user interface. This allows the organization to collect information of volunteers to participate in organizing events, create programs, and educate families on finding ways to combat opioid addiction. View the Sunrise Second Chance Foundation website here.

Educating the Public

One of the best tools in minimizing the impact and decreasing opioid addiction rates in the country is through proper education. Sunrise Second Chance Foundation has been focused on being a resource for the local community in opioid addiction help, which includes everything from phone numbers to statistics. This goal is reflected in the content architecture of the website with (still-in-development) resource area and eye-opening statistics.

Project Discussion

What Makes for Successful Nonprofit Website?

Mission of the organization must be clearly visible on the website. The content is extremely important in order to attract volunteers and other supporters of organization’s mission. Sunrise SCF management invested significant time in putting together the content that speaks to its target audience. Our team worked on editing and polishing it to further clarify the message and connect it to all areas of the design, for optimal human experience.

Services Provided

This project included website design for a brand new organization, logo design, branding, content editing and branded graphic design.

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