Logistics Website Design

AP Logistics is a leading provider of sand hauling, heavy haul, and other prvotal logistics services in the North Dakota and beyond. We built a full-featured mobile-responsive website with employee portal that allows the company share information with the drivers, owner operators, customers, and other important stakeholder within the company.

Logistics Website Design

AP Logistics Website Design

AP logistics has entrusted us with designing their very first company website. The main challenge of the project was to address the needs of different types of users while maintaining clean and simple interface. AP logistics prides itself as a family-friendly company that places their employees at the top of priority list.

One of the goals of the website design was to align it with company values. We focused as one of the main users. The site allows drivers get information, apply for open positions, and submit documents with ease, whether they are at home or on the go. As you can see from the screenshot, career center is fully mobile-responsive and the normally-daunting application form includes a multi-step process. The first few steps of the career form are aimed at determining whether the driver qualifies for the open position. As a result, it saves them the time of having to fill out an application in case they do not qualify. You may preview the live website by Logistics Website.

Services Provided

  • Logistics Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Logo touch-up
  • Back-end Portal
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