Make your own website free and easy

Popular marketing tool used by marketing companies to attract new customers.

5 Ways for them to attract customers:
1) Offer initial design for FREE.
2) Promise exposure at no charge.
3) List your information on their BIG directory.
4) FREE template to pick from.
5) Only 1 year contract.


5 Reasons you shouldn’t fall for this:
1) Sure, initial design is free…What about secure payment collection option, advanced SEO, maintenance cost, adding videos, e.t.c. Get ready to pay a lot more because all these options will end up costing you a lot more than a reliable web designer.
2) Not customized to your needs, hence falling short on SEO (Exposure). Their goal is to give you a free website squeezing money out of you over 1-2 years, and not offer targeted exposure for your business. This is like having a classroom to teach and no students in it. You want to inform an audience of your product and platforms like these do very little to help with in that area.
3) Not show the big picture, hence when this model fails..and now you are back to square one. Sucks, but we have seen this a lot.
4) Listing information in big directories? Yellow Pages, and other sites like them are only adding you to 1000s of already existing businesses that offer the same services as you. What good does that do? Nothing. Differentiate yourself by offering unique service.
5) 1 Year contract? Sign me up! Every second of your time needs to be accounted for. If you are not moving forward, then forget 1 year, even 1 month is not worth signing up for. If you are going to be led back to square one after 1 year of fake promises, don’t sign up to begin with. Work from your brand, and attract people with that and nothing else.

Blue Group Solutions can help you pick the right strategy and build your brand with little to no information. The most important for us to help you re-design your business strategy to align with online marketing. Give us a call for FREE consultation, and we can help you understand the right steps to take.

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