How to improve my website ranking? SEO?

SEO SEO SEO! How many times are you going to hear this? Yes! I get it! But now what do I do with this information? To an average user, search engine optimization (SEO) is nothing new, but completely understanding and implementing it is a whole another ball game. Making a site is not the hard part; but making sure 100s and 1000s of users are visiting your site is. In this post I am going to highlight a few ways how you can make sure you rank high up in Google search.

Keywords – It is very important how you are picking your keywords for your website. I have seen numerous examples where website owners are too busy trying to spell each and every word of their mission statement. For example: If someone owns a unique smell candle shop, and they have their mission statement as, “We sell candles that have great scent to them, and are at a great low price!” What we fail to realize is that this is not the best approach for Google to pick keywords from and display it to a user searching for candles. Instead, mission statement should be to the point saying, “Unique scent candle shop with great variety”. Of course there is a lot more details that are important to keep in mind, but this demonstrates an example of how to boost SEO.

Local – Since you are selling your products locally & nationally, it makes sense to attract your local customers first and then on national basis. It is important to focus on keywords that are directed more towards your local areas that will help your website ranking to populate higher locally.

Blogs – Although blogging does not have a major impact as Keywords and local marketing would, it definitely gives you great credibility in the eyes of the reader, which in return helps you acquire customers trust. This is a great way to connect with your cliental and explain to them the benefits of your product and service.

Well folks, these are just some of the way to boost your website ranking on Google, Yahoo, and many more. We here at focus heavily on SEO and website ranking keeping your customers in mind. So give us a call or just e-mail us for a quote on your personal/business website, and we will be more than happy to help you pick the right one for as low as $199!

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