Does Facebook for Business Marketing work?

What defines success for paid Ads on Facebook?
a) Target Audience
b) Interaction on comments posted
c) Conversion

1) Target Audience – Paying $100s & $1000s for LIKEs on your Facebook page will do you NO justice because specifying what state you want to concentrate on does NOT work. The team at Veritasium did an experiment and here was the result.

You still get LIKEs, but from outside of the country, mainly Bangladesh, India, and Egypt are the big circles on the far left (0%).
2) Interaction – Now that you have paid for LIKEs, the only way it is successful is if there is interaction with all the LIKEs you received. Because you didn’t get filtered LIKEs (out of country & some in U.S.), there is not interaction.
3) Conversion – The goal of Facebook is to generate income by making sure you are paying to utilize their broken service. There is no point when you can’t specify your TARGET AUDIENCE, DEMOGRAPHICS, E.T.C. This results in your conversion rate being LESS that 5%.

Question – Why are they doing this?
A – We have no idea. Whether they want you to be blind about it and keep pouring money in to your business marketing strategy online, it is highly affecting our growth. It simply could be because they haven’t quite figured out how to target an audience successfully. All we know is that currently it isn’t working .

Invest in to Google Adwords. The best solutions for advertising your product, service, and much more. Contact us at and we can help you understand the differences and set up an online campaign that will result in much better conversion.

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