My website is what?

Picture this, you are at your local hardware store and a kind employee took you to the isle with all the white paints you were looking for..AND LEAVES YOU THERE. What now? You have 100 variations of the color white, with different texture, and colors. What do you choose? At this point you realize that the employee should have done a lot more for you even though he took you the isle you asked him to.

Getting the customer to the final stage of website completion is just 1 stage. That’s when the real challenge starts. I would hate for our clients to be lost about what is next in the process after a website is complete.

Below are some things that are outlined JUST FOR BUSINESS OWNERS (Not for Web Designers/Developers), as far as what should be their expectation after getting a completed website. Keep in mind that not all these need to be utilized, but they can be as needed.

After completion of your website, search engines like Google, Yahoo, & Bing can take between 2-8 weeks to index your content and start providing you local exposure. Our basic SEO will come handy for that process, and you don’t have to take any actions
For Immediate results, please refer to the following:


Create a Google Adwords Campaign

Running campaigns on is a great way to get quick exposure. You can even filter your target market on there and play ads directed towards a specific audience.

You can start off with 1 campaign, but keep the length of it up to 1 month. Then follow up with a 2nd campaign the month after. All together, running 2-3 campaigns is recommended. Keep in mind that each campaign cost will be determined by your budget, and you will have to monitor progress daily.

Each campaign will have a different set of keywords picked and used by you. The reason for using different keywords on multiple campaigns over the course of 2-3 months is explained in the section below.


Track Results and Make Better Decisions With Google Analytics

Each campaign will be considered as part of the evaluation process to pick the best keywords for your website. Google analytics allows you to track the amount of visitors logging on to your website every day. These statistics will allow you to determine what keywords/campaign worked better for your business and allow you to continue running that campaign in the future e.t.c.

For long-term results, please refer to the following:


Get More Customers Through Search Engines

Although we provide basic SEO using the right keywords, Advanced Keyword research is part of business. This step is best utilized after 6 month of website being live. You can hire a 3rd party for this service, and have them evaluate the current content using Analytics and Adwords to come up with a better set of methods that will help optimize your site.


Use Facebook to Get Results

  • Research Facebook behavior of your ideal customer. See what they like, share, and how they interact with your competitors.
  • Target business owners & individuals through paid Facebook ADs.
  • Open topics of discussion that interests your ideal customer
  • Share your personality, post about your business every once in a while

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